MUSIC EXPRESS features a professionally trained staff of radio
station programming professionals and air personalities, with Zack
East (98.3 The Coast) and Shawn McDonough (Rock 107 WIRX).


Zack and his team program music and content every day for
the radio listeners of Michigan’s Great Southwest. They do the
research, they have the songs, and their passion for the 
business of entertainment makes their involvement with your
event a natural fit!

Backed by one of radio’s most respected companies, MUSIC EXPRESS features state-of-the-art sound systems, complete with a huge digital and CD library full of edited content from every genre of music. Their equipment is built and tuned by professional broadcast engineers featuring sound and lighting perfect to cover any room or area. Plus, the team can edit special mixes of music, provide brand new music not yet on sale to the public, and produce voiceovers for your mix.


Here’s the simple truth: ANYONE can be a DJ these days. It’s the extra effort, knowledge of music and pop culture and their experience with events of all types, sizes and locations that makes MUSIC EXPRESS the ONLY Mobile DJ Service to choose for your event. Most DJs only work part-time in the industry, and don’t entertain for a living. Choose a DJ that you pay based on skill and not on equipment and pretty lights. You'll see (and hear) a clear difference.